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Gagne Porta-Trace Light Boxes, Solid Oak

The newly redesigned line of GAGNE Porta-Trace light boxes virtually eliminates the "hot spots" found in competitive units. The new frames and reflectors combined with the thick Plexiglas top - provide uniform and even lighting over the entire durable, stable viewing surface.

Daylight lamps are standard.

The Lumen output of the new Porta-Trace Lamps is up to 60% greater than lamps typically used in light boxes resulting in brighter, more even light.

The optional 5000K, 90-92 CRI bulbs conform to the ANSI standard PH 2.30-1989 and Eastman Kodak Company's CIS-152 recommendations for excellent color rendering for graphic arts color quality and photographers transparency, negative and slide viewing.

Contructed of 5/8" thick solid hard oak. The top is smooth to enable you to go right to the edge.

Also available in 220 Volt - comes with a 6' cord without a plug. Please allow a minimum 2 - 3 weeks for your order to be shipped. To order, choose 220V in your shopping cart.

Please note: The sizes listed below are nominal outside dimensions - actual viewing dimensions may vary slightly.

List Price
Rex Price
11" x 18" (2 Lamps, 5000K 15 WATT)
Save 16%
Rex Price: $236.88
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12" x 14" (2 Lamps, 5000K 8 WATT)
Save 16%
Rex Price: $151.20
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16" x 18" (3 Lamps, 5000K 15 WATT)
Save 16%
Rex Price: $307.44
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18" x 24" (3 Lamps, 5000K 18 WATT)
Save 19%
Rex Price: $439.83
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