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Rex Art Sponsors the SWAN Community Program

Happy artists

Everyone’s happy with a brush in her hand!

Rex Art was proud to supply the Spoken Soul Festival with paints and materials on March 22 for their annual SWAN Community Program.

Kids Painting

Everyone was completely absorbed in their artwork.

The SWAN Community Program gives the production team, sponsors and featured artists of the Spoken Soul Festival, a 3 day festival celebrating and supporting women artists, an opportunity to give back to the community by demonstrating to young girls and women empowerment through the arts. This year’s beneficiary was the Little Haiti Cultural Center’s Arts Afterschool program. The young artists (k-8), and participating SWAN artists created inspiring and encouraging poetry art to be donated to children affected by cancer throughout the South Florida’s community. Little Haiti Cultural Center’s mission is to provide a space that brings together people and ideas to promote, showcase and support Afro-Caribbean culture in South Florida.

Girls painting

Fun was had by all and creativity was flowing.

Everyone was thrilled to be creating beautiful pieces of art to bring a smile to a sick child, and hopefully contribute to that child’s health and wellness. Several SWAN artists volunteered before the event to sketch drawings on 5″ x 8″ canvas boards – the perfect size for a child to carry around for inspiration. Then the children and artists painted them in vibrant, cheery colors. Here are the results!

All the Paintings

Here are all the paintings. There was a lot of art going on that day!


Some great paintings going to children affected with cancer. Hope they bring some cheer!

Some great paintings going to children affected with cancer. Hope they bring some cheer!

Rex Art Supplies Rated as a Top 10 Art Supply Site at

Rex Art Supplies has been rated a Top 10 Art Supply site at Here are a few things they had to say about us:

Rex Art is a competitive online art store with over 15,000 items available for purchase. Their huge selection, specials, green art supply and longevity make the site among the top in art supply stores.

Standout Features

  • Product Selection
  • Specials
  • Green Art Supply
  • Time Tested Company

Services:   Excellent

Rex Art’s site is very well well-designed and has the shopper in mind. You can browse by supply, brand or use their quick links section to find the item you are looking for.


The strength of the site is its wide selection and its attention to the environmentally friendly shopper.  Rex Art also has a great help section and a vibrant online community. The site has been going for over 14 years and has established itself as one of the top art supply stores.

We’re so happy to have received such a great review. Our site is indeed designed with you guys (the shoppers) in mind and providing artists with eco friendly supplies is a priority over here!

Read the whole review here:

We welcome your reviews as well!!!

Get Free Binder Personalization on Designer Paolo Cardelli Binders at Rex Art Supplies!

Paolo Cardelli Sorrento Venti Designer Binders

Paolo Cardelli Sorrento Venti Designer Binders

Wow! These binders are fanstastic. We’re so excited to be carrying them. Not only are they gorgeous, but they are built here in the US in Rockville, MD with environmentally responsible materials. Stylish AND green – what more could you ask for?

Logo Debossing on a Sorrento Venti Binder

Logo Debossing on a Sorrento Venti Binder

Right now we’re offering an amazing introductory offer through the end of March. Get FREE logo debossing when you order 12 or more Paolo Cardelli Designer Binders. Enter coupon code: 1263251879, choose any 12 Paolo Cardelli Binders and follow the instructions under the ‘Personalize’ tab!

Rex Art Green Art Supplies featured on!

Green Artist Pencils at Rex Art Supplies - Green Gifts for the Holidays

Green Artist Pencils at Rex Art Supplies - Green Gifts for the Holidays

Artists are looking for green art supplies more and more. Laurel House over at has just made finding them easier with her article titled 69 Quirky, Unique and Semi-Homemade Gifts. Along with a wide variety of green gift ideas for the home, kids and pets, Laurel lets her readers know about the fantastic green art supplies offered at Rex Art. Under the heading Gift For The Artist (even if just an artist at heart) are these great gifts:

It’s great to see the growing number of green gifts available out there that are fun, stylish and good for our planet and it’s great that they are becoming easier and easier to find. We’ll continue to do our part by offering the best green art supplies available.

Happy Holidays! May your days be merry and green!

Congratulations to the Rex Art Sponsored ArtID Video Contest Winner – Carel Brest van Kempen

In our on-going effort as a supporter of art and artists, Rex Art is a partner with ArtId, one of the Internet’s fastest growing social and business website for artists. If you get a chance you might want to check out ArtId. They offer a fantastic network that helps artists with information about shows, publicity, techniques, and many other topics of interest to the artist community.

ArtId hosted an Art Video Contest to highlight this great new marketing method available to artists. They asked artists to submit a video featuring their artwork. It was open to all artists in any medium. The winning video was submitted by Carel Brest van Kempen:

YouTube Preview Image

Rex Art was one of the main sponsors of the contest, and we gave away some great prizes! This is what Carel won:

  • Jack Richeson Linseed Soap
  • Tri-Art Sludge
  • Richeson Grey Matters Paper Palette Pad
  • Shiva Paintstik Set of 6 Iridescent Fashion Colors
  • Pack of 6 Round Richeson White Nylon Brushes

Congratulations Carel! Keep your eyes peeled on our blog for more contests that you can enter in the future!

New Product Highlight – Jack Richeson Rheotec Acrylics and Pastels

We’ve added some great new items this week!

Rheotec Acrylics 250ml

Rheotec Acrylics 250ml

Rheotec Acrylics

Rheotech Acrylics offer a fantastic balance of value and quality for beginners and art students. The full palette of 33 vibrant colors provides teachers and students with the necessary tools for color theory and mixing.

Rheotech Acrylics have a creamy, workable consistency while maintaining the ability to hold texture. They are formulated to provide a variety of diverse effects ranging from thin washes to heavy impasto. Rheotech acrylic colors maintain a consistent viscosity and finish throughout the line. The creamy, smooth flow of the paint will sustain knife and brush marks, while continuing to maintain a uniform paint film and rich color in a thinned state.

Rheotech Acrylics dry to a flexible, water-resistant film, which makes them suitable for application on a variety of surfaces, such as paper, wood, clay, plaster, and more. However, application on oily or greasy surfaces is not recommended.

Rheotech Acrylics are non-toxic and virtually scent free making them the ideal choice for both the studio and classroom.

Jack Richeson Pastels

We’ve added three lines of Jack Richeson pastels that we KNOW you love! The handmade round pastels are so velvety, you won’t want to put them down. A great complement to the handmade pastels, are Richeson’s round pastels. And the semi-hard square pastels round out the selection. They are great for laydown and can be sharpened to a point. All of the lines come in sets up to 120 colors. The handmade and round pastel sets all come in beautiful wooden boxes, making them ideal gifts. The 72 & 120 sets of the square pastels also come in wooden boxes and the smaller sets come in convenient paper boxes, making them easy and quick to grab for drawing on the go.

Richeson Handmade Pastels

Richeson Handmade Pastels

Richeson Round Soft Pastels

Richeson Round Soft Pastels

Richeson Square Pastels

Richeson Square Pastels

New CASE Envy Pro Series Ice Nine Portfolios

Wow! These are really cool. CASE Envy has added to their Pro Series Ice Nine Portfolio selection. Pro Series portfolios stand out with a silver metal spine. Available already in translucent clear and green, they now come in frosted black and phenolic encased linen.

CASE Envy Pro Series Frosted Black Ice Nine Portfolio

CASE Envy Pro Series Frosted Black Ice Nine Portfolio

CASE Envy Pro Series Linen Phenolic Ice Nine

CASE Envy Pro Series Linen Phenolic Ice Nine Portfolio

The frosted black adds a sophisticated option for a bold, clean presentation. The new linen phenolic portfolio combines a linen fabric base with a hardened phenolic resin. Known for its high impact strength and excellent wear characteristics, this new Ice Nine is designed to last. As always, the Ice Nine portfolio’s screwpost binding makes removing and adding pages easy. Plus, the trademarked hinge is unbelievably rugged for such a beautiful design.

These two new books are sure to add style to any project!

Also, we’ve made up new Rex Art exclusive portfolio kits with these two books for a complete presentation. Choose from Linen Phenolic Ice Nine/Black Arsenal or Frosted Black Ice Nice/Frosted Clear Arsenal. They’re both sure to make an impression.

Rex Art featured on ArtId blog!

artid Artist Community

artid Artist Community

ArtId is an innovative site that provides a community for artists and art lovers. Each member artist receives a gallery, a blog, a biography and contact applications – all for free! Premium members receive even more services, such as a Paypal capability and listings in ArtId’s Ebay store. Art lovers receive access to hundreds of high quality, original artwork not found elsewhere.

Rex Art was recently featured in ArtId’s featured blog:

Here at ArtId we have made a commitment to accept advertising, from eco friendly art suppliers, only. Companies that are making a difference in their everyday business practices deserve our support. When members log in there is a link to Rex Art Supplies one of our environmentally responsible partners. So what is Rex Art all about?

Katrina Morris, Director of Internet Marketing, states, “Here at Rex Art we do our best to be green. Our offices and warehouse are painted with low VOC paint, we use non-toxic cleaning products and we recycle shipping boxes and packing material. We’ve installed efficient lighting fixtures throughout our facility and programmed our thermostats so that we use less energy. We even made sure our desks were certified to have less of an impact on the environment throughout their lifecycle.”

April 1950 gave birth to a new small business, in Coral Gables FL, Rex Artist Supplies. In 1995 Rex Art was the first on-line provider of art supplies. Family owned and operated for four generations, Rex Art understands the importance of customer service and personal attention; this, combined with high quality art supplies, and a commitment to using less energy, makes Rex Art a leader in the industry. It has been very difficult for us to find art supply companies that are also earth friendly in their business model, or produce a truly nontoxic product. Art materials have historically and consistently ranked very high in toxicity and posed a real danger to the artist and the earth, now is as good a time as any to start buying green supplies from green companies and demanding more companies rethink their business practices.

Equally important with eco friendliness and quality products is customer service. Katrina added, “When you shop at Rex Art you get 21st century convenience with old fashioned, knowledgeable, fast and friendly service. We are not as big as some of the huge art supply providers, but quite often we offer pricing that is just as good as the big guys and we have better free freight deals. Customers can feel really good about shopping at Rex Art because there is a real family working here. Art supplies are our lives, as they have been in our family going on 4 generations! We care very much about our customer’s needs, and want to make sure we can do our best to fulfill them. Our main goal is to provide personal service, something that is often lacking online.” They also have a Special Order service should you want something they don’t usually carry.

Read the entire article here.

Happy Earth Day from Rex Art!

Green Art Supplies

Green Art Supplies from Rex Art

Here at Rex Art we do our best to be green. Our offices and warehouse are painted with low VOC paint, we use non-toxic cleaning products and we recycle shipping boxes and packing material. We’ve installed efficient lighting fixtures throughout our facility and programmed our thermostats so that we use less energy. We even made sure our desks were certified to have less of an impact on the environment throughout their lifecycle.

We know that being green is important to our customers as well. We have collected the environmentally friendly, sustainable products available in the art supply industry and organized them here to make shopping for green art supplies less of a treasure hunt. We’ve also added a green leaf symbol green icon to our green products to make them easy to identify throughout our site. These products are made with sustainable materials or using renewable energy. If you are aware of other eco-friendly art supplies available, we’d love to hear about them – post a comment below. We are constantly adding new green art supplies as they become available, which hopefully will be more and more!