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The Blank Canvas | Betsy Schoettlin, Guest Blogger

“It’s so fine and yet so terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas.”
Paul Cezanne

I’ve been buying art supplies for 30 years. Canvasses, canvas pads, tracing paper, acrylics, oils, mediums, brushes, pencils, pastels, graphite paper, smudge sticks, big easels, small easels, table easels, outdoor easels, the list goes on and on. I can’t even imagine how much money I have spent on my passion for painting.


And, up until now, I’d never touched a canvas with a brush. Or with anything else. For 30 years I have been buying and storing and then giving away, or otherwise disposing of, my art supplies without a single drawing or painting to show for it. One time I managed to get a sketch onto a canvas but was so dissatisfied with it that I erased it.

I’m not normally a fearful person. I regularly do things that are outside of my comfort zone, that stretch me beyond what I think I am truly capable of both physically and emotionally. Except painting. And yet, I keep buying art supplies.


In my mind, I have all sorts of reasons why I haven’t been able to paint. But the real reason is because I am afraid. Not that other people would see what I painted and be unimpressed. I am afraid that, if I actually put brush to canvas, I will know, finally, whether or not I can paint. So much better to not have tried, to be ready to try, to have the option to try, to not know.

And then I found a few painting apps and a real hold-in-your-hand-with-a-brush-end “paintbrush” for my iPad. In the digital world I could “paint” right on top of a photo or a drawing. The iPad felt like sort of like a canvas. I could hold it in my lap. And I could “undo” my mistakes. It was nearly free, no wasted oils or embarrassing failed canvasses. No struggling to get a sketch onto the canvas. I started painting on my iPad and it was amazing and fabulous. I experimented and played, and erased and deleted and started again. And again, and again. And every now and then, something came out pretty well. SO exciting. And there was no pressure, it was just playing. But I still didn’t paint.

Last spring I placed a big order at Rex Art for more art supplies. Again. Gorgeous, silky oils in beautiful little wooden boxes, luscious hand rolled pastels and some new paintbrushes (you can never have too many). I arranged them in a stately old bookcase, with the brushes artfully placed in a vintage pitcher. They looked fabulous. But I still didn’t paint.


Art supplies arranged on shelf. So pretty & pristine.

Have you ever jumped into a freezing cold lake or off of a high dive or cliff? You stand there, looking down, knowing you can do it, watching your 10 year old niece do it over and over, and yet every fiber of your being is focused on preventing you from jumping. So, for just a second, the blink of an eye, you shut down your brain, create a blank space, stop thinking, grab hold of a bit of faith, and step into the abyss. And when you hit the water you sink and it’s cold and you’re not sure if you can get back to the surface in time to breathe and then you do. And the water is viciously cold, but it’s a different kind of cold than you thought, bracing, exhilarating, survivable. And you did it.

A few weeks ago, I got a postcard from our local art center. I went to the website and I stood there on the cliff, staring down into the icy water as I had so very many times before. And I stepped off. I signed up for “Dare to Try: A Painting Workshop for the Complete Novice”. That was Monday, September 16th. The class started on Tuesday, the 17th. Which really wasn’t a problem because, hey, I already had a crap load of art supplies, beautifully arranged in my bookcase.

To be continued……

Rex Art Gift Sets | Everything you need for a Great Gift this Holiday Season!

Holiday Spotlight at Rex - Rex Art Gift Sets!

Holiday Spotlight at Rex - Rex Art Gift Sets!

The Rex Art Gift Sets are back and better than ever for the 2010 Holiday Season!  At Rex Art we know that giving an art supply gift can be a daunting task.  What brushes should I get?   I need an easel, if so, which one is good?  What type of paper should I get for drawing?  How many and what type of paint should be used?  What airbrush is best to start with? These questions and many others are the typical questions we get every Holiday Season from the average person that wants to give a great artistic, and creative gift, but they do not know what to get or even where to begin. First, we understand, and we are here to help you give a fantastic gift in almost any media whether it is oils, acrylics, watercolor, drawing, etc. Without further delay check out our Rex Art Gift Sets – Problem solved!

The Rex Art Oil Painting Gift Set - Everything you need to give a fantastic gift!

The Rex Art Oil Painting Gift Set - Everything you need to give a fantastic gift!

All of our Rex Art Gift Sets are custom assembled here at Rex Art. We only use the best products hand selected from our massive inventory of creative products. These sets are superior because we choose the components individually, and we only include the best of the best of our products in each media, which meet our strict criteria of quality, functionality, and value!

The Rex Art Drawing Gift Set - Everything you need to give a fantastic gift!

The Rex Art Drawing Gift Set - Everything you need to give a fantastic gift!

You are going be as thrilled to give our Rex Art Gift Sets as much as the person will be to receive them.

If you have any questions please do not forget we are always a phone call, 800-REX(739)-ART2(2782), or email away. There are no stupid questions and we are always happy to help you solve your artistic gift giving dilemmas.

As always our family at Rex thanks you for your support. From our family to yours, we wish you a joyous, healthy, and safe holiday season!

Rex Art Promotion – Buy Six Tubes of Richeson Oils get a FREE Grey Matters Pad!

Richeson Oils - The Shiva Oil Series

Richeson Oils - The Shiva Oil Series

Here is another fantastic offering from Rex Art and Jack Richeson! To continue our celebration of the re-introduction of Richeson Oils – The Shiva Series if you purchase 6 tubes of Richeson Oils – The Shiva Series your will receive a FREE Grey Matters 9″ x 12″ Paper Palette.

Get a FREE Grey Matters 9x12 Paper Palette when you purchase 6 or more tubes of Richeson Oils!

Get a FREE Grey Matters 9x12 Paper Palette when you purchase 6 or more tubes of Richeson Oils!

The Grey Matters Paper Palette is a very useful item, but most people do not now how great these are until they use it. This unique, disposable solution helps artists working on a toned surface be able to see how the colors will appear on neutral surfaces before applying them to the painting. The paper is suitable for oils, casein, acrylics and alkyds, and each pad includes a color mixing reference guide inside the front cover.

If you have not given Richeson Oils – The Shiva Series a try yet this might be a great time to give them a test run! As always at Rex, we offer great value on these paints, and we discount them every day at 41% off! Plus, with the FREE Grey Matters Pad that is another savings of $5.17 from your order! Also, check out our blog post all about the Richeson Oils – The Shiva Series.

There is no limit to the number of times you can participate in this promotion. However, there is a limit of one Grey Matters 9″ x 12″ Paper Palette per order, and while supplies last.

Coupon Code: 1251489279 – Good while supplies last. Limit 1 pad per order.
FREE GREY MATTERS PALETTE PAD with the purchase of 6 Richeson Oils – The Shiva Series

FREE 5oz tube of Shiva Oil Titanium White from Rex Art

If your favorite professional oil paints are Shiva Signature Oils, consider today your lucky day!

Shiva Signature Oil Paints - Get a FREE Titanium White 5oz Tube

Shiva Signature Oil Paints - Get a FREE Titanium White 5oz Tube

From now through the end of April Rex Art is offering a FREE tube of 5oz. Shiva Titanium White when you purchase six or more tubes of Shiva Oils.

All you have to due to qualify for the promotion is simply purchase six of more tubes of Shiva Signature Oil paints and we will include a free 5oz tube of Shiva Titanium White Oil with your order at no charge. That is an additional savings of $20.95 with your order, and we offer a great every day discount of 41% of Shiva Oils.

If you have never tried Shiva Oil Paints this would be a good time to give this American made brand a try. The color range is quite good, and a very good value for a professional level oil paint.

To receive the free tube please make sure in add the following coupon to your cart:

Free 5oz Shiva Titanium White with the purchase of 6 or more Shiva Oil paint now through April 30th 2009.