Rex Art – Save 64% on St. Petersburg Watercolors!

Save up to 64% on St. Petersburg Watercolors from Rex!
Save up to 64% on St. Petersburg Watercolors from Rex!

This is an unbelievable opportunity to get the  St. Petersburg tube professional watercolors at amazing 64% off!  Rex Art has partnered with the manufacturer, Jack Richeson, to offer this amazing special exclusively to our customers.  Keep in mind this is an artist quality watercolor, but at the prices we are selling them at they are less than most student level brands!  Also, consider the fact that these are 18ml tubes, which are quite a bit larger than the normal 5 or 8ml tubes, and even bigger than the larger 15ml tubes.  When you consider the size and discount that we are offering them at they are really worth stocking up on.  If you have never tried them put in an order for them, and give them a try!  I am pretty sure you will be back for more once you do!

This is a closeout promotion, and supplies will only be available while stock remains.  We cannot offer backorders, and once colors are gone we will not be able to offer them again at the same price.  In addition, to celebrate our 14 years of on-line business if you order $100 or more of the St. Petersburg tube professional watercolors you will receive free standard shipping, and an extra 10% off! That is a savings of up to 64%! Deals like this do no happen often so please take advantage of this promotion while you can. Colors will be removed from our site as stock is depleted. To take advantage of the additional 10% off coupon please add this coupon to your cart or enter the number below and you must order $100 or more of the St. Petersburg professional watercolors.
Coupon Number: 1244662159
14th Anniversary Special – Additional 10% Off St. Petersburg Watercolors