Xyron Pro 1255 Machine and Cartridges

Xyron Pro 1255 Machine and Cartridges

Xyron Pro 1255 Machine - Size 12 wide

The Xyron Pro 1255 Laminator / adhesive application machine offers three solutions in a single desktop package. Instantly apply adhesives, laminates or both without heat or electricity. Simply insert your item, turn the handle and trim the finished work.

The Xyron Pro 1255 applies adhesive evenly edge-to-edge with no odor or waiting. Your piece is ready for mounting immediately. For those looking for an environmentally safe alternative to spray adhesive the Xyron 1255 is the perfect solution.

Laminates are also easy to apply. The Xyron 1255 encapsulates your piece immediately. Unlike heat sealed laminators, the laminate applied using the Xyron 1255 can be cut without separation, as the laminate is adhered to the piece itself on both sides.

The one-sided laminate with adhesive on the other side is a great solution for signage. Perfect for art gallery tags, convention signage and sales materials.

Xyron Pro 1255 Refill Cartridge
Refill Cartridge for Xyron Pro 1255

Adhesives come in three tacks:

  • Repositionable (1.1mil)
  • Permanent Standard (0.6mil)
  • Permanent High-Tack (0.6mil)

Combination One Side Lamination / One Side Adhesive is available in two tacks:

  • Repositionable (Laminate 2.7ml, Adhesive 1.1mil)
  • Permanent High-Tack (Laminate 2.7ml, Adhesive 0.6mil)

Two sided Laminate is available in Standard Use 2.7ml

All materials are acid-free and PAT approved.

Cartridges are easy to swap out and replace. Download the user guide.


Footprint: 10.5" x 13" x 15"
Weight: 14.75 lbs
Maximum Document Thickness: 0.125" (3.2mm)
Maximum Finished Document Width: 11.75"
Cutter: Removeable, replaceable cutter

Cartridge Specifications:

Permanent High-Tack Adhesive: Extremely aggressive adhesive instantly creates a permanent bond on most surfaces. Sets instantly and will not peel. Acid-Free.

Permanent Standard Adhesive: Moderately aggressive adhesive creates a permanent bond on most surfaces. Can be touched to surface, peeled back quickly and replaced. Acid-Free.

Repositionable Adhesive: Allows items to be repositioned over and over. Easy removal from glass, walls, paper, and most other surfaces. Acid-Free.

Standard Use Laminate: High Gloss film suitable for use on a variety of substrates. Superior adhesion. Compatible with most media. Acid-Free.

Combination - Laminate/Adhesive: Laminate on the top surface and one of the Acid-Free adhesives on the bottom surface. Acid-Free.

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