Rotring Rapidograph Pens & Replacement Points

Rotring Rapidograph Pens & Replacement Points

The Rotring Rapidograph has virtually revolutionized technical pens. These technical pens are practically maintenance free and give more consistent reliable performance than other technical pens. The secret, an unique disposable cartridge. The cartridge acts as a storage area for ink and serves as the vent channel for the ink to be fed to the nib. Once the cartridge is finished, you replace it with an entirely new venting system. This makes the Rotring rapidograph the easiest, most reliable, refillable technical pen available today.

The stainless steel nibs can be used on paper, vellum or tracing paper.

Please note that Rotring pens are currently not being imported into the US. They are still available outside the US, but we are currently unable to acquire them. We hope to be offer these pens again in the future but due to issues beyond our control we are unable to provide them to our customers. We will update this page when stock has been replenished. Thank you for your understanding.

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