Overall Rating: 4.33 from 3 reviews.

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could be better (3/5) Feb 17, 2010 Anonymous
  i like it but i still think the uniball alpha gel mechanical pencil is better
AMAZING (5/5) Dec 31, 2008 Anonymous
  Sumogrip is the best ever. I love these pencils. They are confortable and durable and amazing. Only thing is the white ones turn kinda yellowish. So I would stay away from those.
Big Is Beautiful (5/5) Apr 27, 2008 EntreNous Denver CO US
  I *LOVE* these pencils.

I love the extra fat barrel that allows my hand to relax around it comfortably while I'm sketching. No more hand cramps from holding too tiny barrels for hours on end. I love the light weight. It's lighter than most other pencils like it, such as the PhD by Sanford, or the Dr. Grip. I love the full-size twist eraser, because I make a lot of mistakes, and SumoGrip is there to remind me that's okay, I'm covered. And when I'm running low on lead, one click is all it takes to keep me drawing, and I don't even have to leave my seat. No sharpening required!*

A lot of people may not understand my love for the SumoGrip mechanical pencil. But that's okay. SumoGrip understands me, and that's enough.

*WARNING: Do not sharpen SumoGrip