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awesome (5/5) Oct 8, 2010 Anonymous
  I have no idea what the person below was experiencing, but I've never had a single one of these leak or bleed... nothing like the horrible old white Kohinoors.... And i've been using these things for large-scale fine art drawings for nearly a decade now.
Designer (5/5) May 24, 2010 Gary Spencer Cape Coral Fl US
  Started using rapidograph pens in drafting classes in high school and then 2 years in tech school, then in 1972 I started using them professionally on my first job. In the late 70's I tried the white Kohinoors and was hooked. Then in 1985 I tried the red-rings, Rotrings with the disposable cartridges and never looked back. What an improvement over all other tech pens. No bleeding, easy clean up and when the cartridge was empty simply yank the old one, wipe the end with a paper towel, jam a new one on and get back to it. These pens are for the high production designer that doesn't have time to fool around with silly pen problems. If you know your stuff, then these are the pens to get.

In 1995 I switched to AutoCAD and put all my hand drafting stuff away.

Here it is 2010 and I've been longing to get my pens back in my hand. So I got out all my old tools, set up a drawing table and I'm back in it. The old Rotrings work as well as they did 15 years ago and everything is right in my world, for now.

Get a set of Rotrings, you can thank me later.

tech pen review (1/5) Jan 28, 2010 kurt c hennig annapolis ma US
  I have tried using these Rotring technical pens for drafting engineering drawings. My Rapidographs where getting old after thirty years and decided to try the newest thing on the market..What a disapointment....Purchased four (4) in various sizes and found them to be impossible to work with as they starting bleeding ink from the points once the cap was opened. changing ink cartridges and flushing the point and replacing with new cartridge did no good. Finally talked to local representative for Rotring and they sent me four more pens as replacements, and said I was loading new cartridge incorrectly...So tried again....All four new pens continued to bleed with their new cartridges...Finally put them on shelf and went back to my old stand
1.Pen points are not made to be cleaned or flushed out as can be done with Rapidograph pens.
2. Joints between point and cartridge leak ink as does joint between cartridge and pen holder.
3. Ink hardens in cartridge, and joints, and makes it difficult to disassembly pen.
4. Pen points bleed ink and are impossible to use after bleeding starts.
Pens come up short on value and usefulness.........

Pen design needs alot more work....
rotring rapidograph (5/5) Feb 26, 2008 Diane Moffat Columbia Ca US
  Fabulous pen compared with rapidograph of days ago! The finest point is amazing -- I'll never go back to another pen again for fine printing and fine detailed art work.