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I Can't wait to get this! (4/5) Sep 14, 2014 Roselyn Cruz New York NY US
  I have not yet purchased a Mahl Bridge but I can already tell by watching the demo that it will be in my future purchases shortly. I am an artist/interior designer who is also studying architecture, and I can't tell you the many times this tool could have came in handy for me. I have had many issues trying to paint on canvas upright and cant find a way to adjust my hand so I feel comfortable enough as I do when I draw on a flat desk top. Also it is more likely that I end up smudging a piece that is still wet while I paint or draw. I can't wait to get this tool hopefully on my next paycheck!
Great Product! (5/5) Jul 11, 2007 Stephanie Stringer Huntington Beach CA US
  I purchased my Mahl Bridge a few months ago. I was hesitant at first but quickly realized it's worth every penny. I use it for hand support as well as holding reference photos while I paint. I highly recommend this product for every fine artist, especially watercolorists.