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Golden Open is great! (5/5) Jun 25, 2010 Celeste
  I am delighted with Golden Open because I am currently painting with the elderly and sometimes need to be aware of breathing and toxicity issues with various traditional oil paint and paint mediums. There is virtually no odor with Golden Open and it doesn't require more than water. The consistency is very similar to oil paint (which my students love) and I couldn't be more pleased with this product. Thank you.
Golden delivers a winner! (5/5) Aug 12, 2008 Beverly Specht Greensburg PA US
  Like many oil painters who have tried acrylics, the transition was a difficult one for me. We wanted our acrylics to be more like oils with long open times for smooth blending. Many acrylic paint manufacturers have promised this, but Golden really delivered! These paints are smooth and creamy, not quite as heavy as their heavy body line. Their colors are excellent. They will stay wet on your palette for days, not hours--DAYS. On your canvas, they will stay wet and blendable as long as you wish, even all day. Do you want them to dry faster? Just use a hair dryer to speed it up. They don't dry out on my brushes so I can even use my expensive natural hair brushes. I find I like to use softer brushes and a lighter touch with these paints. It's no longer necessary to use hog bristle brushes and a lot of muscle to get these paints off my brushes. They really the closest thing to painting with oils that I've ever experienced with acrylics. They don't quite have as much of a pigment load as Golden's other lines, but they had to strike a balance between pigment load and open time. So you may use an extra layer or so to get your coverage. But I don't find this to be a drawback at all. Their working qualities are truly amazing. Using them is so very easy and natural for an old oil painter like me.