Overall Rating: 5.00 from 8 reviews.

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rexart came through (5/5) Sep 16, 2019 Missy R CA US
  i was in a bind and needed some well made panels quickly. rexart came through brilliantly.
High Quality Product (5/5) Aug 12, 2019 APuleio FL US
  RexArt always produces a high quality product! I recently received a 48'x60' board that I purchased from another online company, because I was 'saving some money'...but I definitely got what I paid for! The back was completely coming off the front surface and the backing was falling off. I immediately regretted not paying the extra money to go with RexArt on this large board! Now I have to hire a carpenter to come fix it. -- my Rex boards came super fast, and were packaged snuggly in the box!! I purchase two 24'x48' panels and two 30'x30' panels, all in PERFECT condition! I've learned my lesson! RexArt all the way!! Thank you!
REVISED REVIEW (5/5) Aug 7, 2019 Sarah G C
  REVISED REVIEW: earlier I reported that I received damaged panels from Rex Art. After being contacted by their customer service in response to my negative review, I realize that it was MY MISTAKE! I had ordered cradled panels from several vendors for comparison, and now realize that the damaged order was from an entirely different vendor. The ones I received from Rex Art were, in fact, perfectly made, came on time, and offered at a fair price. I am totally impressed with the level of personal commitment from the company, so would very much like, not only to set the record straight, but offer my sincere apology for my previous review. Thank you Rex Art for a job well done. :-)
Great Product AND Service! (5/5) May 30, 2014 Jody Valentine Windsor Heights Io US
  I placed a large order for these panels online on Monday, which was a holiday. On Tuesday morning, I received a call from a Rex Art representative to confirm the order. He told me that it might take a week for them to arrive. Two large boxes of panels were delivered to my house THE NEXT DAY! That is unbelievable service! The panels are very well made, and I have tested plenty of brands. They are also reasonably priced and come in a fantastic variety of sizes. This will be the only panel I use for my art business from now on. Thank you!
Best Cradled Wood Panels! (5/5) Apr 26, 2013 Tami Hummelstown PA US
  I ordered several different sizes of the cradled wood panels. They arrived five days EARLIER than estimated and they are great quality! I will definitely be ordering more in the future. Please let your supplier know how great the product is and keep them coming!
Best Panels (5/5) Sep 3, 2012 Matt Flint Lander Wy US
  I only use these panels, they are museum quality. The galleries that represent me and collectors of the work are impressed with them as well. I place large orders of panels several times a year.
Cradled wood Artist Panel (5/5) Aug 27, 2012 Katherine Baronet Da US
  This is a great product for a great price. I use it for myself, as a professional artist, and I recommend it to all my students.
Perfectionist Artist Approved (5/5) Jul 18, 2012 Rachel Widomski Columbus Oh US
  I just wanted to express my admiration of the quality of these panels. They are perfectly measured and balanced making them much better than the ones available at the national art stores. These items are less expensive, come in more sizes and are better quality than any other I have purchased. I hope you continue to supply these items and pass along my satisfaction to the product maker.

I will be continually ordering more for the foreseeable future as they are essential to my sellable artworks.