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Best thing ever (5/5) Aug 14, 2015 Burak Ilmaz PRC CN
  I was walking with my brushes through the forest, and I saw an amazing view which I had to paint. But the problem was that there were so many distractions I could not focus on painting. Luckly, I had this awesome "Veiw Catcher" which, if I may say so, only costs 8 dollars. That's practically a steal! When I took this bad boy out of my pocket (Yes, it fits your pocket!!!!!!!!!!) I could totally focus on drawing. It's soooooooooo goooooooddddd, omg, and the colors, because of the number 5 gray, were true! It's like I could READ colors. I could feeeel them. I could smellll them... Oh, you can even flip it! O. M. G. ! YOu need to have this in your life! Hurry up and buy! I would recommend this even to blind people, because it's so awesome.