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Richeson Hiles wooden print rack (1/5) Jul 16, 2010 Dawn Sutherland Flagstaff AZ US
  Any artist who purchases this item needs to have at least four hands and a lot of patience. Pieces were warped, holes incompletely drilled through, and I had to apply vaseline to get the barrel nuts to go into the holes. They had to be in precise position for the bolts to go in. A dowel broke and I decided to apply wood glue to all the joints where there were dowels after assembly. Tools needed: phillips screwdriver to open the "drilled" holes, flathead screwdriver, hammer and a jar of vaseline, and a corkscrew for the bottle of wine you're going to need afterward. In my opinion, this is a botch of a design and if I could, I'd rate it "0" stars.