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Artograph Tracer Projector

SKU: AGP225-360

Artograph Tracer Projector

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No assembly necessary! Simply place the projector on top of the design, pattern, or photograph, push the "on" button, and the image is projected and enlarged instantly with clarity and in full color for your drawing pleasure. Trace your way from patterns and designs with enjoyment toward the fun of filling in with color and creativity. A surprisingly inexpensive way to enlarge art, photos, designs, and objects, for sizing and tracing - getting you to the fun part faster!

  • Enlargementsup to 10 times
  • No set-up or assembly
  • Color or black & white images
  • Projects small 3-D items
  • Horizontal projection
  • Low cost 100 watt bulb
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Silent operation

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