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Silver Brush Morgan Samuel Price Watercolor Professional Set


"There are several features I require in a watercolor brush. If itís a round brush, then I am looking for the brush to hold the point no matter which direction I am pulling the brush. I also look for the ability of the brush to hold as much or as little water as possible depending on the need of the stroke. In a flat brush, Iím looking for a brush that does not split as I pull a wash. The ability to hold a good size wash is also a requirement. These brushes deliver for the manner in which I work as I develop my watercolor. " - Morgan Samuel Price

Morgan Samuel Price is a painter, a teacher, and a master artist that is always involved in keeping painting alive and flourishing wherever she is. She believes that fine art flourishes only in places that offer artists opportunities to learn and earn at every level.

She is often called a "Floridaís Painter". Few painters can catch Floridaís wildness and her quiet hospitality, which Morgan does beautifully.

She has developed a range of brush sets to complement her techniques and we are thrilled to carry them here at Rex Art, where we have been serving the artistic community since 1950!

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