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Silver Brush Camel/Stencil Art Class Pack - Color: Red Tote


This class pack features 84 brushes in a convenient red rectangle tote measuring 7-1/2" x 5" x 6".

Fitted with attractive blue handles & nickel plated brass ferrules. Ideal tools for the student, amateur, watercolorist, hobbyist and ceramicist. Durable, long lasting camel hair brushes from Silver Brush will work in varied media, including watercolor, gouache, tempera, acrylic, alkyds, oils & enamel. Use on any surface.

Silver Brush's traditional stencil brushes are made of medium length pure white hog bristle, square cut. A complete range offers the perfect solution for all stenciling projects. Seamless aluminum ferrules are mounted to comfortable shape natural wood handles.

Included brushes:

  • 12 each Silver Stencil brushes sizes 10, 12, 14
  • 12 each Camel round large sizes 10, 12
  • 12 each Camel flat large sizes 3/4", 1"

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