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Barron's The Basics of Drawing

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Barrons The Basics of Drawing

This drawing book provides beginning students with information on a variety of available drawing media, as well as specific paper textures used in drawing. It features instruction on rendering basic shapes-spheres, cylinders, cones, cubes, and the like—and incorporating these shapes into still lifes, landscapes, and other subjects for illustration. Students also learn how to produce the illusion of light and create contrasts, as well as how to produce three-dimensional effects by mastering the art of perspective.

The Basics of Drawing is one of the Drawing Academy series, which guide beginning students step-by-step through a highly detailed training course in the art of drawing. It is profusely illustrated in color and black and white. This book opens with basic instruction, then proceeds to analyze the details that make up a successfully executed drawing. Drawing Academy books are fine self-instruction manuals and are also ideal as textbooks for use in formal art classes.

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