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Iwata Triple Action Handle Set


Iwata Triple Action Handle Set

"If you are tired of your airbrushes clogging and giving you fits, you'll need to get a grip on one of these killer handles. The NEW Triple Action Handle will make your life using airbrushes a heck of a lot easier by having ONE effective solution to your airbrush cleaning process. The Triple Action Handle gives you INSTANT access to the needle for fast-full-flushing and quick needle replacement. Its unique pre-set feature actually holds the needle back form the nozzle instead of limiting trigger movement, allowing for a more consistent spray time after time. Do you take your needle cap off for fine lines? How many times have you lost those by setting them around your studio or shop? BONUS!!! The Triple Action Handle has a threaded needle knob on the rear of the handle to store your needle cap, too!"
-Gentry Riley

  • Great for adjusting to the perfect working spray width
  • Limit the amount of needle travel, allowing for greater control of the airbrush
  • Ideal for students getting started or for professionals where the finest control of spray is needed
  • Adjustment screw is finely threaded, allowing for precise fine tuned control
  • Handles available for all Iwata airbrushes, except the Revolution SAR

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