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Perspective Depth & Distance

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Clear, practical and easy-to-follow, this book draws the reader into understanding the principles of perspective using simple techniques, tips and step-by-step demonstrations.

From sketches through to final paintings, Geoff Kersey shows how to incorporate linear and aerial perspective, how to create depth and distance with light and shade, and how to breathe a sense of realism into a picture. Flat, dull landscapes can be changed into vibrant scenes full of life with sunlight and shadows; distance can be enhanced by placing warm colors in the foreground and cool colors in the background; foreground detail and soft background images can lead your eye into a picture. There are many more tricks which can be used to create an illusion of a three dimensional scene. Fields, trees, roads, rivers, bridges, buildings, harbors - whatever the subject you will need to learn about perspective, depth and distance.

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