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Iwata Power Jet (2x Sprint Power & Smart Technology)


Remarkable Power: The Power Jet compressor delivers twice the Sprint Power and Smart Technology. Engineered with a large capacity air storage tank, it's an excellent compressor for the occasional or professional airbrush user doing general or extended airbrush applications at low or higher air pressures. The Power Jet has all the features of a high-end professional compressor, yet is surprisingly affordable.

· Zero-maintenance, oil-less dual piston air compressor
· 3.5-liter air storage tank
· Zero pulsation
· Air reserve for spraying at higher air pressures
· Typically, stored air normally cools, which is better for maximum moisture separation
· Protective outer case
· Moisture-filter
· Mounted pressure gauge
· Air regulator for precise air-pressure adjustment
· High-strength braided nylon covered hose fits all Iwata airbrushes
· On/off switch
· Size: 16 x 13 x 7 in. (41 x 33 x 18 cm)
· Smart Jet Technology
· 2X Sprint Jet Power

2x Sprint Jet Power
· Zero-maintenance, oil-less piston compressor
· Powerful 1/6-hp motor

Smart Jet Technology
· Less heat-related moisture build-up
· Produces full-capacity air on demand
· Reduces running time
· Less motor wear means longer compressor life
· Inherently quieter in public environments

· 1/6 hp
· 3.5-litre (0.9 Gallons) Tank
· 1.2 CFM@open flow
· 1-70 PSI max. pressure
· 110V
· 28 Pounds


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