PaperMate EarthWrite Pens & Mechanical Pencils

PaperMate EarthWrite Pens & Mechanical Pencils

PaperMate EarthWrite Mechanical Pencil - Size 0.5mm

Every little bit helps. Enjoy the same quality and durability of PaperMate pens and mechanical pencils in a pencil with a biodegradable barrel. These largely biodegradable mechanical pencils are refillable and can be reused just like a regular mechanical pencil. However, when you are finished using the pen or pencil, you can disassemble it and compost the barrel and tip in your own backyard or home composting system. No need to send it to an industrial or commercial compost facility!

Pencil Features

  • Comfortable soft touch grip
  • Fully retractable tip
  • High quality and durable pen barrel
  • Smudge-resistant eraser
  • 20% lower carbon footprint* per pencil vs. conventional plastic pencils (carbon reduction equivalent to turning off a CFL light bulb for about 2 hours)
  • Majority of components made from corn, an annually renewable resource

*70.5g CO2 conventional plastic pencil; 56.7g CO2 Paper Mate Earth Write pencil

Renewable Resource
The majority of PaperMate Biodegradable components are made with corn sugar, an annually renewable resource.

Biodegradable Component
The biodegradable parts of the pencil will naturally decompose in soil or home compost in about a year - producing less waste and more compost than traditional pens and mechanical pencils.

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