Maimeri Venezia Watercolors 15ml Tubes

Maimeri Venezia Watercolors 15ml Tubes SALE

Maimeri Venezia Extrafine Watercolor - Color Permanent Green Light - Size 15ml

Maimeri Venezia Watercolors are 40% Off Every Day!

Venezia Extrafine Watercolors feature 36 colors produced with pigments and binder of very high value and lightfastness. Cadmium and cobalt based colors have been removed from the selection because of their reputation for being toxic. Instead, the Venezia range includes valuable organic pigments, which is why the range is considered avant-garde in regard to health considerations. The grinding of the colors is strictly controlled, ensuring purity, transparency and powerful color value in each shade.

All the colors can be mixed together. Whether they are used thinned with water or straight, they dry extremely quickly, making it possible to overlay several coats without risking unpleasant effects, and allowing for very lively shading.

The Venezia line is available in classic pan or 15ml (½oz) tubes; the only difference between the two is the thickness of the paste.

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