The Mahl Bridge from Watermen Art

The Mahl Bridge from Watermen Art


Introduced in 2006 by Watermen Art (Patent Pending), the Mahl Bridge provides new capabilities for all artists and calligraphers. It provides a stable, stationary surface that allows the artist to paint over wet areas and never touches the painting surface. It can be adjusted to any height, and most importantaly, the Mahl Bridge separates into a top and bottom half. Draftsman profiles (such as French curves, ship's curves, straight edges, templates) are held firmly between the two halves. The artist can then paint those profiles accurately, confidently, and boldly.

  • Handmade from beech wood, which is not only attractive and durable, but is an eco-friendly sustainable wood.
  • Sliders allow the Bridge to adjust to table and image size
  • Oil finished to retain the feel of natural wood and reject oil paints
  • Mahl Bridge Clamps allow the Mahl Bridge to be used on any canvas
  • The clamps can be easily height adjusted using additional height extenders
  • The Mahl Bridge separates into a top and bottom half to hold drafting tools firmly in place.

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